The L.O.V.E. Pod

Please watch these videos to activate your L.O.V.E. Pod.

Seriously, watch the videos! Proceed through each step for proper set up, it won’t take long.

L.O.V.E. Pod Activation Steps

1: Get the L.O.V.E. GLOBAL WIFI App

Step #1: Get the App.

Download and register the L.O.V.E. GLOBAL WIFI App to your Phone type (IOS or Android).

Links are provided to Apple and Google Play stores.

Please note, the App password you choose should be at least 8 digits, and may NOT contain any “special characters”, only letters and numbers.  Follow all steps in the video, please.

2: Bind your WIFI App to your L.O.V.E. Pod

Step 2: Binding your L.O.V.E. Pod to the App.

Connect (Bind) your L.O.V.E.  Pod to your downloaded App.

Follow along at your own pace with the video instructions, pausing as needed, to complete the few steps needed for binding your L.O.V.E. Pod successfully.

Note: The Serial Number (SN) and Password (PWD) for your personal device is located on the back of your L.O.V.E. Pod.  Your password can be changed later (see how in the FAQ section).

3: Purchase your Data Package to Activate

Step 3: Purchasing a Data Package.

Until you add a data package to your L.O.V.E. Pod, it will not properly go online, although you will see the green signal. 

Use your current WIFI connection to checkout when purchasing the package, not L.O.V.E. (as you have no data yet).

Once you receive your data package receipt from “National Sales Corp.“, reboot your L.O.V.E. Pod, your data should activate from within minutes to 24 hours.

L.O.V.E. Service Plans

No contract!  No Credit Check! Plans currently available for U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  Global Emergency Plan and other continents coming shortly.
$ 48
  • Monthly Unlimited Data for U.S. only.
  • 30G covering Canada, U.S., & Mexico.
  • Global Emergency Data Pack (Coming Soon)
  • Manufacturer's warranty on each Pod!


Service Data plans are purchased in the L.O.V.E. Global WIFI App, not from this website. 

Coming shortly, data packages that have no monthly subscription, and data purchased can roll-over from 90 to 365 days.  

This will include a North America (Canada, U.S., Mexico) data package, Global Emergency Data Package, Europe Package, Asia Package, and more.

Look for them in your L.O.V.E. GLOBAL WIFI App.

Choose the best plan for your needs.


$ 48
  • U.S. Only Unlimited Plan: Unlimited Data use in the U.S., resets monthly. *If you use less than 30G monthly, the North American Plan is the better option.
  • North America Monthly Plan: 30GB Monthly. Covers Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. - When you run out of purchased data, you simply buy more.
  • Additional Plans: Other plan and locations options are being added (listed in the App), including a Global Emergency Data Plan.

NOTE: You are not required to purchase data from L.O.V.E. Global WIFI, your Pod has a slot for a physical SIM card. 

You can purchase a SIM card anywhere you may be in the world, insert in into the physical SIM slot on the side of your device, and then “Switch Network” in your App (located under the dots in the upper right corner of your App on the “Device” tab page).

This means your L.O.V.E. Pod can work globally, and you can shop for the best data plan for your unique location and usage needs.

$199.00 for the device (1-Time), and $48.00 monthly for the data.

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