The L.O.V.E. Pod

L.O.V.E. Pod Product Specs


Encrypted End-To-End Connection using the L.O.V.E VPN with proprietary dual blockchain & L.O.V.E. OS.  

Add our free L.O.V.E. VPN & Secure Browser Apps for even greater security.

Areas of Service

Service pretty much everywhere in North America. Some areas may not triangulate signal.  Signal strength will increase as more Pods are deployed.  Global service coming by the end of 2024.


Acts as a phone connection when you call out, use any
VOIP so you can make Internet calls direct to regular phones.  This is a means for making your regular phone work as a Sat Phone when needed.


These Internet enabling devices DO NOT sell your browsing, purchasing, or
posting (pics, blogs, etc..) data. Encryption allows you data freedom. 


Connect up to 9 devices simultaneously.  Connect by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to phones, computers, TVs, cars, Alexa, Kindles, watches, and more.


Up to 300 Foot radius. 2 or more devices can create a “business” Internet, between offices – (non VPN yet it’s like a VPN), expanding radius.

OS Compatibility

Connect any device including Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows Server, Android, IOS, and all other internet capable devices including medical devices (private medical tunnel).


Generally 25 MBPS to 150 MBPS depending on your location, average speed is 50 MBPS. The more Pods, the more Pods that overlap, the faster the speed.

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